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              About dachuan
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              Let the world know Okawa Okawa let the world

              Become the world's leading cotton textile enterprises, the production of more environmentally friendly products.

              Enterprise mission
              Committed to the development of high value-added products, to provide a full range of value-added services for employees, customers to create the greatest value, sincere feedback and service to the community.

              Enterprise spirit
              Integrity, environmental protection

              development strategy
              Specialization, internationalization, lean and differentiation

              Programme of action
              First, honest cooperation: we uphold the trust and responsibility of cooperative relations.
              Two, innovation excellence: we pursue the company and customer value innovation, all things better.
              Three, customer orientation: we adhere to the rapid strain to meet the needs of customers.

              Code of conduct
              1, we continue to learn and progress, and resolutely put an end to not as, love to fight to win.
              2, we adhere to the interests of the individual to comply with the overall interests of the individual honor to obey the honor of the group.
              3, we encourage the courage to play, take the initiative to cooperate, mutual love, mutual growth.
              4, we are close to the market, mining customer demand, rapid response, and never delay.
              5, we ensure that the product quality and high added value, and in the first time to allow customers to use.
              6, we capture the innovation breakthrough point in each work, continuous improvement.
              7, our real work is to think about the problem, put forward the problem, solve the problem.
              8, we must complete in place, no excuses, no excuse, no nonsense, vigorous and resolute.
              9, we save a drop of water, electricity, a liter of oil, a grain of grain.