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              Different colors and different fabric clothes drying techniques
              Release time:2016-6-20 8:59:31        Click times:841
              Clothing drying should make corresponding drying method according to the different fabrics and colors, so that it will not damage clothing structure better maintenance of our second layer of skin. Here to talk about the different fabrics and color clothes drying technique is what kind of, listen carefully.
              Silk fabric garment:
              After washing should be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry naturally, and the best side outward. Because of silk clothing sunlight resistant performance is poor, so can not be in the sun exposure, otherwise it will cause fabric discoloration and strength decrease. Color darker or more brightly colored clothing especially to pay attention to this point. In addition, avoid the use of fire baked silk clothing.
              Cotton, cotton and flax fabric clothing:
              Such clothing can generally be placed in the sun directly under the sun, because this kind of fiber strength in the sun almost does not fall, or slightly decreased, but will not be deformed. However, in order to avoid fading, the best side outward.
              Chemical fiber fabric clothes:
              Chemical fiber clothes washing, not in the sun exposure. Because of acrylic fiber exposure easy to change color yellowing; nylon, polypropylene and man-made fibers in sunlight exposure, fiber is easy to aging; polyester fiber, vinylon in under the action of sunlight will accelerate fiber photochemical cleavage of affecting fabric life. So, chemical fiber clothes to dry in a cool place as well.
              Wool fabric clothing:
              After washing, it should be placed in a cool ventilated place, make it dry naturally, and the wrong side out. Because the surface of the wool fiber is a scale layer, the external natural oil amine film gives the wool fiber a soft luster. If placed in the sun exposure, the oil on the surface of the polyimide film will caused the due to high temperature the oxidation and metamorphism, which seriously affects the appearance and service life.
              Wool sweater, sweater, knitted fabric, etc.:
              In order to prevent the deformation of the clothes, can be in after washing to them into the bag, hanging in well ventilated place to dry; or in dry with two hanger, to avoid deformation for hanging heavy; can also be used bamboo or plastic tube on up to dry; conditional can be tiled basks in other objects. In a word, to avoid exposure or baking.
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